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Lawn & Garden Gypsum

This is combination of our coarse, granular, and fine gypsum. This will spread easy and give your lawn and garden all the benefits of gypsum. It works well to spread after aeration but, it can be applied directly on top in the spring summer and fall. Moisture will break it down and it will loosen your soil allowing water to get to the roots. This will promote better growth. It will also add Calcium to the plants which will also promote better growth and the Sulphur will stabilize your PH. This blend will also work well with heavy salt and alkali impacted soils. It is best to till or rake it in to allow it to penetrate deeper. It will open up the soil and allow moisture to flush the salt or Alkali deep below the root zone.

RALPH’S DIRT RX LAWN AND GARDEN will condition your soil and make it healthy. It is available for $10.00/ 50lb bag or in bulk for $250/ Ton

Lawn Stain Neutralizer

This is our fine powder gypsum. This product works best when scooped and put directly on the brown urine stains covering them in a thin layer. Once moisture is applied it will break down and work into the soil. This will open up the soil and allow moisture to flush the urine. It will loosen the soil back up and allow grass seed to grow again. It can be applied as needed as long as moisture is available.

RALPH’ S DIRT RX LAWN STAIN NEUTRALIZER will quickly recover your soil’s health. It is available for $10.00/ 50lb bag or in bulk for $250/ Ton

Our Material

DGS recycles drywall waste to recover gypsum for practical use. We believe that by recycling drywall waste we are putting it back into the earth in a more responsible manner. Drywall waste is one of the largest waste stream in the construction industry. It gets buried in a mass in our land fills. When it is buried this way it takes up more space and it takes years to break down. We believe it is unnecessary to waste that space in land fill and irresponsible. Our goal is to intercept as much drywall waste as we can going to land fills. We then recycle the waste and make products to improve soil conditions.

Gypsum is the forgotten soil amendment. Gypsum will loosen your soil and allow water to penetrate. It will also give your soil a boost in calcium which helps in growth of plants. Gypsum also contains Sulphur which will stabilize you PH. If you have salt or alkali in your soil Gypsum will open up your soil and allow water to push the salt or alkali down deep out of the root zone. It is used on salt contaminated soil in oil fields. Gypsum is a cost effective solution for salt and alkali impacted soils.

The use of Gypsum traces back to the Romans who used it as a plaster building material. It was readily available and desired because of its flame resistance. George Washington used Gypsum as a soil amendment. He understood the cost effective value of the mineral and also, knew how it would improve his soil conditions.

Our gypsum is available in:

Coarse size (1/2″ size) Breaks down slower, slowly releases Calcium and Sulphur, loosens soil, and will hold moisture and release it to keep soil moist.

Granular ( 1/4 ” size) Breaks down faster, releases Calcium and Sulphur faster, and will loosen soil faster but, will not retain as much moisture.

Fine Powder Breaks down the fastest, releases Calcium and Sulphur fastest, loosens soil the fastest, with little moisture retainage.

We are able to blend any of the 3 sizes depending on your needs. We have our Gypsum available in bulk and 50lb bags.
Just call and we can tell you what works best depending on the customers needs.

We have a couple of specific blends branded and bagged.


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